Educational & Inexpensive Activities for Children Who Are Stuck Inside

Whether your kids are stuck indoors due to weather or any other circumstances, keeping them busy can be crucial for keeping them calm—and for keeping yourself productive. Watching TV or movies will only accomplish this for so long, plus you likely want to make the most of the day by ensuring your kids spend some time learning. So if you want a few low-cost and educational ideas for surviving those rainy days inside, give these a whirl. 

Kitchen Science Projects Can Be Fun and Budget-Friendly 

When looking for ways for your youngsters to have fun while preserving the peace, don’t overlook at-home science projects. Just like low-cost creative projects, some of the most interesting science experiments can be planned out using basic and budget-friendly ingredients found in most kitchens. 

Layer sugar, water and food coloring into clear cups to create your own rainbows, or add food coloring to water to watch leaves magically take on the hues. The possibilities for kitchen experiments are endless, and taking part in these cost-effective experiments can also be priceless for helping children to learn more about science. 

If you prefer to make something edible while still providing educational outlets for your children, Washington Parent suggests baking together. While adults tend to take this for granted, baking actually requires some serious chemistry, reading comprehension and math skills.

Creative Activities Don’t Have to Require a Lot of Cash 

If you need to give your kids a break from screens, or if you prefer tech-less options for keeping them busy, planning creative projects can help them develop essential skills while also preventing boredom. Best of all for your family’s budget, putting these projects together doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money on supplies. In fact, you likely have everything you need to help kids get crafty right in your closets and pantries. 

For example, you can keep your children occupied by making their own colorful jellyfish out of paper plates, yarn and paints. Tissue box creatures, DIY paper jewelry and glowing fairy jars are also simple craft projects you can pull off with minimal supplies. 

Another way to help your kids pass the time is to pick up budget-friendly art supplies to transform a spot in your home into their very own art studio. You can usually find basic but high quality art supplies like colored pencils, paints, erasers, and brushes for less than $10 each, so you can outfit your childrens’ new in-home art studio without overburdening your family’s budget.

Screen Time Can Be Educational & Cost-Effective 

Placing limits on your children’s screen usage can be smart in most circumstances, but those tablets and phones can come in handy when you want to keep your kids learning and busy. Unfortunately, older devices often bog down with newer apps, or they can’t be updated to stay functional and secure.

If your children’s gadgets cannot keep up with the latest educational apps, games and tools, then it may be time to splurge on something new. Look for a device that helps you manage your kids’ online safety. With savings hacks like store coupons and sales, you can keep your purchase from getting too expensive.

Wondering which games and apps will provide the most educational benefits for your family? If you have younger children, downloading learning games like Math Ninja, TinkerToy and even the classic Oregon Trail can help them learn skills in math, reading comprehension and problem-solving. For teens and even adults, DIY Genius notes other educational apps like Nearpod and Khan Academy may be your best bet. 

Don’t let boredom or budget concerns keep you from helping your kids stay busy and learning when they are stuck inside. Use that time to plan low-cost activities that are so fun and engaging, your kids won’t even realize they’re learning. You’ll all look forward to those rainy days as long as you keep these strategies in mind!

Photo Credit: Rawpixel